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On this page:
  • 09-01-2007: Ordinance 2903, determine legal status before renting
  • 05-06-2009: URGENT - STOP SB 1398
  • 06-12-2009: Valley Park ordinance upheld
  • 07-13-2010: Dealing with illegal immigration: A tale of two cities
  • 07-22-2013: The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans upheld a lower court's decision Monday.  On to Supreme Court?  We will see...
  • 08-20-2013:  A Farmers Branch Update... They are going to appeal to SCOTUS!

09-01-2007 - Ordinance 2903, determine legal status before renting

Here are other links related to the issue at Farmers Branch, Texas:

  • The issues are:
    • Ordinance 2903 is basically that landlords will need to verify legal status before renting.
    • The City will start to help fight illegal immigration.
    • English is the City Official Language in Resolution 2006-130.
  • Ordinance 2903 and Illegal Alien Issue Debate on May 10, 2007: A Nine Part Series on YouTube.  Moderated by Jeff Bolton and Jon-David Well from  The series was taped by Americans for Legal Immigration (  Each side of the debate were asked the same questions except for two which were specific to the opposing sides.  It is MY opinion that the those that support the Illegal Aliens are always making it a racial issue and making false accusations.  What race is Illegal Alien?
  • Ordinance 2903 passed the vote in May 2007.  To restrict land sales and renting to those here legally.  The racial groups like "La Rasa" vowed to take FB to court if it passes.  It passed with 68% of the vote.  The FB Council has vowed to sue for legal fees once they have won.
  • A judge did not want to make a decision so he made an injunction so that the issue will go to court (You-Tube Video):
  • The City will fight this to the Supreme Court. 

05-06-2009URGENT - STOP SB 1398

WOW, how can this bad legislation get passed? It has passed the State Senate and now it is in the State House?  Please contact your STATE representatives and get them to stop this bad bill.  Here is the link to the bill:


Please call the Calendars Committee and urge that they vote against SB 1398.

Texas Capitol Switchboard: 512.463.4630 


Explaining the bill by Farmers Branch City Councilman David Koch: " SB 1398 and its companion now moving swiftly in the House is a bill aimed at Cities (specifically Farmers Branch) to stop their ability to deal with illegal immigration through the granting of licenses for the occupancy of single and multifamily dwellings. Cities have attempted to enact ordinances that require only legal residents to occupy housing in their communities. These ordinances have been bombarded by several law suits aimed at doing away with local community’s attempts to work with the federal government to address illegal immigration. The City of Farmers Branch has spent well over $ 1 million to defend their license ordinances to date and has not reached the appellate court at this time. If passed into law, SB 1398 would interfere with the current legal proceeding which is ongoing concerning the validity of their ordinance requiring a rental license to occupy a single or multifamily unit in the city. It would strip a city’s local control to issue licenses and cost tax payers a great deal of money in the process. The bill is an end around of the legal system and violates the rights of Texas cities to regulate local affairs. Stopping the Farmers Branch efforts with this legislation will also eliminate the possibility of other communities benefiting from the outcome of the court concerning illegal immigration. In effect, the legislation would derail efforts by many communities to help the federal government address the illegal immigration problem. The bill has been slipped through the Texas Senate and is moving quickly in the House. It is apparent that the manner in which the bill has been maneuvered that most members of the Senate and House do not know its ramifications."


SB 1398’s express language prohibits the Farmers Branch’s licensing system: “A municipality may not require a tenant to acquire a license or permit issued by the municipality as a condition for occupying or leasing an individual dwelling unit.” If SB 1398 were to be enacted, Farmers Branch, and every other city and small town in Texas, would be virtually powerless to deal with illegal aliens living in their communities."


Using your Zip Code, You can find your state representatives by using this link:

06-12-2009:  Valley Park ordinance upheld

A similar ordinance to Farmers Branch, TX renters ordinance is the business owner version that was upheld..  A Valley Park ordinance (Gray v. Valley Park, Missouri) aimed at cracking down on businesses hiring illegal immigrants has been upheld by a three judge panel of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. In a 3-0 ruling, the court affirmed a district court ruling affirming that the St. Louis suburb had the right to enact such a law.   Read the story at  ALIPAC - Americans For Legal Immigration or the PDF version.

Also, the Valley Park ordinances relating to Illegal Aliens is something I recommend reading also at

07-13-2010 - Dealing with illegal immigration: A tale of two cities.

WFAA (channel 8) had a story about Irving and Farmers Branch.  In my opinion, it is very slanted against Farmers Branch but they still reported the facts.  And the Facts are, regardless of delivery, still very favorable for Farmers Branch.  Very Favorable that attrition through enforcement works!

NOTE:  Other stories from the main stream media also seem slanted against Farmers Branch.  But short of the media lying about the facts, the facts are reported and that shows Farmers branch is prevailing.

07-22-2013:  The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans upheld a lower court's decision Monday.  This long process continues.....   So what does this mean???  Hopefully it means that Farmers Branch will proceed to the Supreme Court.   See the news report
     My Comments:  The opponents say that FB have spend nearly $6 million on this fight - mainly charges from the racist organizations that want to open our borders.  I think FB has saved a bunch of money because of this fight.  For Example, for the exact opposite reasons, the residents in Lewisville (LISD) basically paid $55+ Million renovating one school (Milican campus) to move another school population (Delay Middle School) to it...... and we are now bussing that population up there too...  That is just one of several examples in the City of Lewisville....  Actually, many of those that left FB came to LV.

08-20-2013 - A Farmers Branch Update... They are going to appeal to SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States).  The vote was 3 to 2.  There was a lot of disagreement on the facts of the case.  The facts are that the six million spent so far is not just the case of the ordinance.  It also includes all the frivolous lawsuits from the racial organizations.  The turning point was when the lawyer representing the City of Farmers Branch (_____  will get name to promote) was asked if he would continue to SCOTUS without any more charge to the City.  He quickly and proudly answered that he would not charge to finish the fight.
     I just pray that SCOTUS gets to it before the racist organizations get two more implants elected on their City Council to stop the lawsuit.  OK, before I start getting hate mail....  What race is illegal alien? {Yeah, I though that would shut you racists up!}  Also what do I mean by implants?  The racist organizations created lawsuits to get the City of Farmers Branch to split the council into districts.  Then backed their candidates, etc...  It is an example of Divide and Conquer.  Crazy thing is that the majority of the population lives in about four square miles.  Too bad the City Council did not fight that lawsuit...
     What will this mean for the USA?  The world is watching this case.  It will ultimately mean big changes in this Country -either decision that is made.  I predict that if SCOTUS upholds the right of Farmer Branch then many Cities all around the United States will use this ruling.  The illegal aliens will riot.  If SCOTUS denies Farmers Branch then the flood of illegal aliens will be too much for this Country to handle.


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