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This Section last updated:  11-17-2007.

  PLEASE SEE the main 287g page for updated information...  THIS PAGE IS FOR ARCHIVE INFORMATION ONLY AND MAY BE OUTDATED.


     This page was created to mainly show 287g related information (including the Criminal Alien Program also known as CAP) which are only two of the program under the ICE ACCESS Program.    It has grown into other links dealing with the illegal alien issue.  Here are some links to News stories. I stayed away from editorial blogs and personal sites [a bunch of them - I thought I was the only one ;-)].  If the link is broken please let me know that the link does not work.  I added a PDF version for each in case the link location is deleted.

      Lewisville is not trained in the 287g program but is now using the CAP program.  In fact, at the time of this update (11-17-2007), there are no Texas Cities that have had the 287g training.  There are Texas cities that are on the list to train but ICE is slow playing it.  The CAP program is a good start towards enforcing the laws of this Country.

      287G allows local officers access to ICE databases. It also allows us to utilize the task forces that are aimed at getting illegal ID scams out of our city. We can also bring in the task force to deal with any gang issues. As for the cost of training, the feds pay for training, room and board. All the city pays is the officers salary while training - about 4 or 5 weeks.  This is NOT money poorly spent to provide our officers another tool to fight crime.  What serves the community better - an ICE trained officer or a council retreat in some expensive hotel?

  • Lewisville milestones:
    • 08/19/2006: The Lewisville City is steering towards a Sanctuary City status for illegal aliens with their Day Labor Site.
    • 09/10/2007:  The Lewisville City council has decided to redirect funds for the day labor site.  This is a stop but not an about face to the issue.
    • about 10/1/12007:  Lewisville police chief Russ Kerbow is starting to use a CAP type program.
    • 11/05/2007:  The Lewisville police chief Russ Kerbow gives over view to City council about CAP and recommends that CAP be the direction to go instead of a 287g program.  This is more affordable to the City.  It is a very good move by the Police Chief. 

      I found a ton of stories in online newspaper sites that talk about the criminal being an illegal alien but very few on arresting because they were illegally here. I also found some articles that are joint local police and federal agent raids. It seems that other states have more sheriffs and police doing something about it without joint raids, etc… I have included some of them here also.  These are spread out over the topic.

  • The local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) DFW contact office (a local call):
    • ICE Field Office Director, Dallas
      8101 N. Stemmons Frwy
      Dallas, TX 75247
      Phone: 214-905-5860
      Area of Responsibility: North Texas, Oklahoma
    • ICE Public Information: 287(g) Program Trains State and Local Law Enforcement To Identify Criminal Aliens
      • Law Enforcement officers receiving their training in 287(g). Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act delegates authority to state and local law enforcement agencies, permitting designated officers to perform immigration law enforcement functions provided that these officers receive appropriate training and function under the supervision of sworn U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers.
        For more:  Website URL Link or the PDF Version.
    Operation Streamline: Zero Tolerance Program Dramatically Reducing Illegal Immigration
    Website URL Link or the PDF Version.
  • EAGLE PASS, Texas
    Started as a section of this page and blossomed into a list of its own.
  • CACTUS, Texas: Immigration Raid Leaves Texas Town a Skeleton
    Website URL Link or the PDF VERSION.
  • Laredo Texas: Terror Plagues Border: Corruption, Kidnapping, Crime Ruining Texas Town
    Website URL Link or the PDF Version.
    • Editorial: Local Police Should Join the Fight Against Illegal Immigration
      Website URL Link  or the PDF Version.
    • Attrition Through Enforcement: A Cost-Effective Strategy to Shrink the Illegal Population.  This report written by Jessica M. Vaughan who is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies.
      Website URL Link or the Print Version.
    • Once you catch them, then what? This article talks about the lack of support from the federal level. BUT NOTE that these American cities are still fighting the fight. They are not giving up and more are joining in on the support.
      Website URL Link or the PDF Version.
  • FLORIDA: Sheriff targets illegal immigrants [Please note the word LOITERING in the second paragraph]
    Website URL Link or the Print Version.
    Website URL Link or the Print Version.
  • Several States pass laws to deter illegal aliens
    I have had a bunch of questions on my stance on the illegal alien issue and my arguments for my position.  It is on my things to do - just been busy.   [If you cannot tell, I believe in enforcing the law.  We are all equal under the law.]  Since the Feds are not going to do anything about it, several States have passed laws to deter illegal aliens.  If Texas does not implement something soon, there will be more illegal aliens coming to Texas.  Here are a few News stories reporting about illegal aliens leaving because that State passed laws which will be in effect soon.

  • ARIZONA: Phoenix steps up to fight smuggling: Sheriff to use tip line, federal agents to stop illegal immigration
    Website URL Link or the PDF Version.
  • ARIZONA: Sheriff planning crackdown on illegal immigrants
    Website URL Link or the PDF Version.
  • ARIZONA: Ariz. Posse to Arrest Illegal Immigrants
    Website URL Link or the PDF Version.

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