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Written 02-24-2008:  Is this what you want?


Watch the video (3:32) and then vote.  This Lou Dobbs report was originally aired back on May 23, 2007.  


You need WAV pluggin to hear music.


I do not want this.  I want the laws enforced.  It seems that they are constantly trying to get this passed.  THEY ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS!

11-18-2009:  Lou Dobbs has recently left CNN to pursue other endeavors.  here is a newspaper article from Mexico.  From the M3 report published by the National Association of Former Border Patrol Agents is the translation of a newspaper article in Cambio de Michoacán (Morelia, Michoacán; Mexico) 11/18/09.
     The Latin community marked a triumph when being able to bring about the resignation of Lou Dobbs, well known anti-immigrant announcer of the CNN chain. A coalition of Hispanic origin groups, where the National Council of La Raza stands out, promoted a campaign to insert a paid commercial against Dobbs, but it was rejected by CNN. Still, the pressure kept growing until Lou Dobbs announced his withdrawal on the air. Several of his anti-immigrant hate commentaries can be seen on YouTube. Despite the calls for moderation and the right to response, he built a campaign of lies and verbal abuses against the undocumented, particularly Mexican ones. The resignation of the commentator seemed to frame the announcement by Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Internal Security (sic) of the United States, who affirmed that Obama’s government expects that the Congress of her country will push for an integral immigration reform at the start of 2010. That is good news, but it places the responsibility on the congressmen.
     Thus, President Obama frees himself from his campaign promise and prepares himself for other battles. Janet Napolitano affirmed that the reform will have three main bases: a serious and efficient control of immigration, a favorable solution for families and workers, and firmness, but with justice, in the treatment of the twelve million undocumented who are in that country. An example of a serious and efficient control for some Americans is offered by the celebrated Secure Communities Initiative, which the Immigration Service and Customs Control (ICE) [sic] of the Department of Internal Security (DHS) of the United States, which has identified more than 110 thousand criminal aliens. It’s a program in conjunction with local authorities which, since October 2008, has arrested aliens according to three levels: Level 1, homicide, rape and kidnapping (1,900 individuals already deported), and Levels 2 & 3, with more than 100 thousand convicted for robbery and serious crimes against property. Many [of them], undocumented immigrants.


That's the way I see it - John Gorena.

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