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02-03-2008:  Are you angry yet?  Do you have to be totally pissed off to get really involved?  It is way past the point for Law Abiding American Citizens to speak up constantly!  You really need to commit and get active.  Hopefully, something that I say here will get you motivated to get more involved without getting uncontrollably angry.

This last Friday (02-01-2008), I spent the entire day at the Public Hearing on Immigration conducted by The Texas House Corrections Committee and the Texas House County Affairs Committee which started at10:30 AM.  I arrived about 10:00 AM and did not get to speak until 6:00 PM - for only 5 minutes.  It was depressing to see that only a few of us were there to support enforcing the law, securing the border, and speak against amnesty.  If there were more than 5 people there that believed like I do, then they did not really show it.  Many people left as it was an all day affair.  It appears that we have lost on the surface because Law Abiding American Citizens were not there in numbers.  It was a Friday and most Law Abiding American Citizens have jobs that they cannot leave.  However, even on Saturdays when there are functions, the numbers for our side are very dismal.  At this hearing, we were outnumbered by those who wanted open borders and amnesty for those here illegally.  I really do not know why.  Only those who do not participate really know and without the numbers this Country will be lost.  I hear from large numbers of people that they believe like I do.  Actions speak louder than words.  Please get active in the fight for this Country - you have waited way too long.

  • What can you do?
    There are a lot of things you can do.  Here are a few and you should try to do all that you can:

    • Register to vote.

    • Research the issues.  Do not just listen to the media.  Participate.

    • Go to the local debate forums and local political meetings.

    • Write, call, visit all your representatives:  Federal, State, and Local.

    • Get involved in your City Council meetings.

    • get your friends involved.


Here are some things that should get you motivated:

  • There are more illegal aliens coming to Texas according to the Houston Chronicle in an article entitled "Illegal immigrants come to Texas as other states pass tough laws" (PDF version).  Since neighboring states are creating laws to curb the Illegal Alien presence, they are self deporting to Texas where our politicians seem to be avoiding the subject.

  • We need people to call PARKLAND, the Elections Office, Pete Sessions and Andy Rittler in John Cornyn's office, and ask for a full investigation by ICE of Parkland and the Elections Office to make sure they are not registering illegals to vote.
         It appears that Parkland (where most illegal aliens go to get free medical) registered voters the middle of January. When they were questioned about it by one of our elected officials, they said that they do not keep up with whether people are legal or illegal. We need to see if they are doing it again and we need to see if the county will check those that were turned in from Parkland. We need to know who took the training and then we will know who signed up there.
         It would be helpful if several people would work together on this and follow up. We need everyone to make the calls requesting action and showing your concern...Please pass this along to your friends and ask them to do the same.

  • You would think voter registration would require Proof of Citizenship and that the information would be verified.  Not according to the Act called the  IMPLEMENTATION OF THE HELP AMERICA VOTE ACT OF 2002 1 TAC 81.177 at


Are you motivated to do something yet or just pissed off?  Democracy is not a spectator sport - get involved.


Please help - America Needs You!


That's the way I see it - John Gorena.

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