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 - George Washington (1796)

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"The ongoing migration of persons to the United States in violation of our laws is a serious national problem detrimental to the interests of the United States." - Ronald Reagan, 1981

"Honor never grows old, and honor rejoices the heart of age. It does so because honor is, finally, about defending those noble and worthy things that deserve defending, even if it comes at a high cost. In our time, that may mean social disapproval, public scorn, hardship, persecution, or as always, even death itself. The question remains: What is worth defending? What is worth dying for? What is worth living for?" - William J. Bennett in a lecture to the U. S. Naval Academy, Nov 24, 1997

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Taking part in the political process is NOT an option... It is a responsibility.

05-09-2015: Gorena Campaign Update:

  • For those 613 people that voted for me.  Do not be discouraged but encourage those who share our same values to be involved.  I am humbled by your support!  I have made many new wonderful friends in this campaign.  I may not have won the Mayor's race but you all make me feel like a winner.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time, money, and other efforts.

  • 08:30 PM, May 09, 2015:  The Unofficial Election Results in.  Congratulations to Rudy Durham on his win.  There will NOT be Run Off Election.  I do not think it will change much or at all for the final counts.  I did call and left Rudy Durham a voice mail congratulating him.

    John Gorena 613 - 33.21%
    Rudy Durham 926 - 50.16%
    Winston Edmondson 307 - 16.63%
    Total 1,846

05-01-2015:  Gorena Campaign Update

1) If you do not live in Lewisville, I hope that you are voting in your community in Texas.

2) There are 4 days left to vote  (In Lewisville, Denton County go to the Annex, Dallas County, Coppell):
Early Voting:

     Saturday, May 2, 2015, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM **

     Monday, May 4, 2015, 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM *

     Tuesday, May 5, 2015, 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM *

Election Day: See Voting Locations for Election Day on 05-09-2015 at

     Saturday, May 9, 2015, 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM **

* I will be out at the Lewisville Annex after 4:30 each day.
**  I will be out at the Lewisville Annex all day.

3) The #1 Question I get asked, "How's the campaign Going?"  The answer to this question is not easy.  Since 'Frank' has the reputation of being blunt, let me be 'Frank' for this post.  (LOL, Nothing different right?)  The answer is, "I have no Idea."  I look at those who are voting and I can only guess that I might have 25% of the vote - not enough to even be in the Runoff.  What we need to win this election and avoid a Runoff is to have more than 50% of the votes.  The City election is a 'Majority Vote' election and the LISD election is a 'Plurality Vote' Election.  For LISD, who ever gets the most votes wins, regardless of majority.

     It is fitting that today is MAY 1st.  I woke up politically nine years ago about 5:30 PM on May 1, 2006.  Literally millions of people shut down major cities protesting the paradigms that made America great. Waving flags of other countries demanding benefits as if they deserve them more than citizens.    The events of that day had me asking "How did this ever happen?" and "Why isn't anyone doing something about it?"  That morning I believed the thinking that we should just let God handle politics and other events in the world - but I had it wrong.  There is truth to the phrase, "God helps those who help themselves!"  God gives us free will.  He does not make anyone vote.  I realized that evening that God does give us the strength to do what is right and to endure the trials that we go through when we are persecuted.  AND He is with us for those times when we fail.  We have to choose to participate whether it is speaking up, voting, or running for office.  Silence is approval.  We must speak up and take action - it speaks louder than just words.

     Do you really approve of the smearing or the decisions that my opponents make?  Do they share your values? Do you share their values?  I ask for your vote.  I ask that you take action and get others to vote that share our values (or most of them).  I am clear about who I am and my values:  see

4) What do those people that took the time to get to know me think?  Please see my endorsements page to see statements from your fellow citizens that have actually spent some time to get to know me.  Here are a few links here - Please share this with Friends:

Letter from Tom Jensen:

Audio clip (3 Minutes) from JD Wells of The Wells Report:

Letter from the Denton County Conservative Coalition:

See more at:

5) If you have a sign  in your yard – Thank You.  If on Facebook, please make your profile picture one of my signs in my photos.  It will show the sign where ever you have posted….

6) Please tell others to go vote for JOHN GORENA.  Your efforts are the only way we can win.

Thank You,


John Gorena, Candidate for Lewisville Mayor


04-19-2015:  Response to the smearing and creation of false picture on facebook.

It is with a heavy heart that I feel I have to write this post.  At church this morning, a few of my fellow church members asked me about the school marquee and the smearing created and started by one of my opponents on Facebook (City Of Lewisville facebook page).  One asked me why I was not responding to the vitriol and hateful comments. Though I did respond at one time, the comments were just twisted.   Well basically as a Christian, I do not want to get into a false argument created by the other side.  However, since so many have been exposed to this scheme, I have decided to post my response here so others may read it and know what really happened.

  • First, that is not the school marquee.  That is a photoshop creation by one of my opponents.  It does look real but it is not.  The School would not do such a thing.

  • Second, I was first notified by email by the senior class president late Sunday night on 4-12-2015 and was given two dates.  I stated I cannot make those dates due to previous commitments and wished them a good forum.  I did call the office during the week to discuss other dates but could not make contact with the class president who I thought was staff at first.  I called again later in the week once I found out that she was a Student and not staff, to offer other dates. 

  • Tuesday afternoon, the fake marquee was posted and the feeding frenzy began.  I responded later in the week to clear up a few false statements that were posted but that was like throwing blood in the water.  The comments continued to be twisted, etc... 

  • On Wednesday, an email was sent out that the forum was not going to be held.  It was because of the short notice and all the candidates could not make the dates offered or alternate dates, school calendar, etc... 

  • Friday, on that fake marquee facebook thread, the activities director for the school posted, "I feel after reading this post I need to speak for my students that were organizing the forum. The student officers at LHS were asked to do a forum and the idea was given to them by Mr. Edmondson. I'm sure many saw his post of the meeting. The students loved the idea and were excited. However, from the beginning we really didn't have many open days to have the forum since we have so many school activities happening daily, but we tried. We don't blame anyone for not being able to make a forum when notified so late. It was a great idea, but it should have been started in February so we could have plenty of time to find a good day for all candidates. Mr. Durham and Mr. Edmondson were available on the two dates given. Mr. Gorena had previous commitments, which we understand. Mr. Gorena contacted us and told us the days he was available but we have too many activities scheduled and couldn't find another date. Please know we wish all candidates good luck. Our senior president was the one trying to organize the event since it was student led. She was upset when she read this post and the negative things that came from her not being able to find a date that was good for all. I assured her this happens sometimes during political campaigns. We hope to be able to do one in the future and give each candidate the appropriate amount of time to find a good date. Also, I've received a few phone calls about the photoshopped marquee. At no time would our school actually put that on the school marquee. We had nothing to do with the image posted. Thanks to all for understanding. I've told my students to look at the web pages of each candidate and look at their platform and try to meet them before voting."  See the screen shot - click here.

  • You would think that the posting from the Activity School Director would clarify everything and it would stop.....  yeah..

04-03-2015:  Campaign Update

  • Early Voting starts in about three weeks and I really need all of you to pitch in with your time spreading the word and getting others to vote for GORENA on the ballot.  This will be a tough election and I warn people that they have to actually listen to what the candidates are saying (or NOT saying).  Rhetoric is just Rhetoric.

  • Meet and Greet for My Campaign:

  • Signs:  Please let me know if you want a sign in your yard or business yard.  I will be putting signs out in public areas about a week or so before voting starts.  It is important that we get signs on private property ASAP and spread the word.

03-01-2015:  Sign up to Run for Council ends.

There are three candidates for Mayor.  I need your help to avoid a Runoff.  My goal is still to win this election.  Please help me get more than 50% of the votes - the first time around.  Please see the Campaign site to help with:

02-19-2015: Gorena for Lewisville Mayor

Here is an email that I sent to my blog email subscribers tonight....

     I turned in my paperwork today to run for Mayor of Lewisville. I hope that ALL of you will get the word out and go VOTE for me. Remember that EVERY vote counts and when early voting starts – vote early - you have about two weeks. Many more emails to come. Campaign website will be up soon here at this location and donations will be needed. Anything you can do will help.

LONG Version:
     I made a final decision to run for Mayor of Lewisville Yesterday - on Wednesday afternoon (02/18/2015) – and tuned in my paperwork about 4:45 PM today. I can assure you that I had every intention NOT to run. However, on Wednesday evening, 02-11-2015 something happened. It was not a grand explosion or some critical event. It is amazing what little things affect us. Well maybe not so little… More like one more thing that just pushed me into considering to even make this decision. It did not come easy. As I was saying, about last Wednesday, Maria and I were at dinner and one of the Councilman came by to our table to say hello. He asked me if I was thinking about running again and I said No. I meant it. We talked for a minute and I asked him to lead prayers because Dean Euckert was the only member that led prayers. The rest of council does a ‘moment of silence’. Anyway, this councilman, said that he would think about it. I was not assured and it made me feel uneasy. If you recall, I think it is important for leaders to lead prayers. It not only encourages the leaders to be in a proper frame of mind, it is also good for those who are following along. When I was on the council I always led a prayer when it was my turn. I was honored to do so. Well, after that night, Maria and I prayed about this and I could not get it out of my mind. All the issues were on my mind and maybe this was just the knock on the door that I needed to stay involved. Maria is by my side on this decision and that was another tough decision made. I want to make it clear that it would be very unfair to say that this prayer issue is the only issue. You all know I have listed many issues of concern when I was on the Council and they are still important. As for Mayor, I think it is more about the direction that Lewisville is going – has been going…
     Twenty-five years ago, Lewisville was the place to be. It was a good wholesome community, Families, Schools, everything.. Those of you who are long term residents know exactly what I mean. You have seen areas change like shopping centers, neighborhoods, etc… You have seen families and other friends move from Lewisville. Maybe they moved to Flower Mound or Corinth or some other community that just felt better to them. Maybe citing that they want their kids to go to another school or the complaints about the neighborhood. It is something that is hard to define. I do not think it has anything to do with the size of Lewisville but I definitely think it has to do with the feel of Lewisville. I do not think spending more money is the answer. I think it is about wanting to be here with a sense of pride and patriotism, about what makes Texas and this Country great. It’s about God and Country. It’s about responsibility and duty to not just yourself but to others. It’s about being a community that believes in higher moral values and all traditions and ideas that made this Country great.

Will you help me?

     Since this decision was not long in planning, I have a lot to do. My website will be changed to promote the campaign and my blog will still be there. The campaign site will have a place for donations so I really need you to donate quickly and not wait. If you can afford $25, $50, or any amount will be great. Like every vote matters, so does every dollar. Above all, let’s avoid a fiasco like we had 2 years ago. Regardless if you think no one will vote for my opponent because he is a tax appraiser or tax assessor for the county, that does not matter. In fact, my opponent is a nice guy and I like him BUT we are on the opposite side of the political and basic ideas spectrum. You must vote because you have a sense of duty to all those that think like we do. I ask that you make an effort to shepherd others to register to vote and vote early. If you do not live in Lewisville anymore, I am sure that some of your friends do or you know people who know people, etc… Getting you and your family to vote and continue getting others to go vote is essential. I am amazed at the amount of people who are not even registered to vote. Please help them get registered.

I will not quit on you, please do not quit on me.

More to come….

John Gorena
Office: 972-315-5377
Home: 972-315-0496

02-12-2015:  City Council and School Board Elections, May 9, 2015

  • Early voting starts with April 27, 2015 and Election Day is May 9, 2015.  See dates and times on the City of Lewisville website under Mayor and Council section..

  • City Council Elections:  There will be 3 positions open for election this year.

    • The regular election for 3 years for Mayor and Place 2.  Residents wanting to run for a spot on the Lewisville City Council can file for candidacy now through Feb. 27, 2015.

      • Mayor Position, Currently Rudy Durham is the only candidate running for Mayor.  He is vacating his position in Place 5 to run for Mayor.

      • Place 2:  Currently Neil Ferguson, the incumbent is running for re-election.

    • A Special election for the last year of a 3 year term for Place 5.  Residents wanting to run for a spot on the Lewisville City Council can file for candidacy now through March 9, 2015.

      • Place 5 which was Rudy Durham's place.  This will be an election for the last year of this 3 year position.  The person who wins this election will have an election to run again next year for a full 3 year term.

  • For those of you thinking about running for office.  I recommend Place 2 or Place 5 positions...  Though there is nothing stopping you from running for Mayor also...  Requirements are to be a resident for at least one year and a registered voter.  The deadlines to sign up are listed above and the process is done online on the city website.

  • I do not know all the candidates.  I have had some exposure to each of them.  Some more than others.  I do know this...  If you are a person that shares my political views and core values, then you will give the citizens a clear choice if you decide to run.

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