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11-04-2015:  Well, it looks like the Citizens of Lewisville chose to increase the City Debt and their taxes.  All the bonds in the election passed.  Go figure.

10-12-2015: Q&A since last post...  Some questions asked of me and my answers/opinions from the Voting Schedule page and my opinion about Bonds.

  • Q: What is the Debt of the City?
    The scheduled Debt Liability payments show payments of $172,720,627.47 thru 2032.  Click here to see the current debt summary and data.  This current debt is the principle ($137,255,000.00) and Interest ($35,465,627.47) for these payments thru 2032 according to the 2014-2015 Annual Budget.   If all these new Bonds pass in this November 2015 election, then the principle will nearly double with $135 million in new bond principle (debt).

  • Q: Why don't you like any of the Bond proposals?
     The projects are NOT necessary and I think it is not worth accruing more debt.  I think with budgeting, the city can continue paying the current average annual payments of about $17 million and get out of debt in about 7-8 years and start to save about $15 million a year or use this money to pay as they go.  The ONLY project I think should be done (hopefully without Bonds) is the Fire and Police projects.  However, $10.5 million sure seems like a lot.  Again, Understand what Bonds are... Click here to see the current debt summary and data.  Remember, they want more money because they have spent everything they have received.

10-09-2015 - Well, it's time for an "I told you so..." As I said two years ago. The voters gave up their right to vote in the 2013 Texas Constitutional Amendment election when they allowed a stupid appointing option with Amendment 7 from the 2013 election...  Now in the Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD....
The following is from Friends of the BranchAt Thursday's C-FBISD School Board meeting (10-8-2015), the board voted by 5-2 margin to change the election procedures for Trustee positions. The effort was led by Frank Shor, with the results:
VOTING FOR: Shor, Cline, Goode, Mathews and Watten.
VOTING AGAINST: Schackmann, Fleming.
     The approved settlement may have set a new precedent as to how one can secure a seat on the school board. You simply sue the district to get appointed. Yes, that is exactly what happened!
The agreed settlement terms are:

  1. Change to Cumulative Elections - which means if there are 3 seats open each voter gets 3 votes. They can put all 3 votes on 1 candidate or spread them across multiple candidates.

  2. A sitting (elected) Trustee must resign, effective immediately. - Nancy Watten was the sacrificial lamb.

  3. The lawsuit plaintiff, Guillermo Ramos, was appointed to the board to fill the vacancy created by the resignation and he is required to run for election in May.

  4. The district agreed to do a promotional campaign (presumably targeted at minorities) to registered voters and get voters out to vote.

  5. The district agreed to send a press release announcing a settlement and praising Mr. Ramos for bringing the issue up (suing our schools).

  6. CFBISD must PAY $60,000 in legal fees to the Brewer Storefront, PLLC. (This is the same firm that has sued Farmers Branch several times.)

     There were as many as 75 community member present and nearly 40 voiced opposition to the settlement. Both of the Districtís TX State Representatives as well as several current and former councilmen and many community leaders were present. They were nearly unanimous in opposition and/or in asking the school board to slow down and carefully consider all things.
     It appears that the majority of this school board has no regard for the people that have elected them or for their designated responsibilities. This MUST change! They clearly disregarded the will of the people last night.

09-29-2015:  November Election Info - Click Here

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