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05-30-2017 - City RUNOFF Elections - VOTE JUNE 10, 2017 with early voting starting May 30, 2017.

  • MY VOTING RECOMMENDATIONS:  I try to vote for the most conservative person (or least liberal)... 


      • Place 1:  Bob Troyer


    • Early Voting Dates and Times - Click Here

    • You can find a list of who voted each day in early voting

    • Sample Ballot look up

    • and voting locations.

04-24-2017: City and School Elections - VOTE MAY 6, 2017!

  • MY VOTING RECOMMENDATIONS:  There are a lot of liberals...  I try to vote for the most conservative person (or least liberal)...  It's getting tougher...

    • LISD:

      • Place 6: Kristi Hasset

      • Place 7: Tracy Scott Miller

    • LISD Proposition:  THIS IS A BOND which means MORE DEBT, MORE TAXES, THEY WANT MORE MONEY, etc...  If you think Gov't entities should stay within budget, and you do not want to pay more taxes than you are now, then VOTE AGAINST bonds.



      • Place 1:  Jon Dahlvig

      • Place 3:  On city business decisions, you will get the same results either way.  There is nothing conservative about either candidate.  Both are very liberal and on the other side of the political spectrum from me.  I have spoken to the challenger (Elena Claros).  She was very forthcoming and refreshingly honest in her answers to my tough questions.  She served in the US Air Force for a short time but does not represent the conservative nature of nearly 85% of the military.  Nice lady but believes on spending tax money for social and community projects more than a conservative.  She votes Democrat and was very honest in her positions on the topics.  If you believe in Term Limits then vote for Elena Claros.  Frankly, I wish there was a conservative choice.


    • Early Voting Dates and Times

    • You can find a list of who voted each day in early voting

    • Sample Ballot look up

    • and voting locations.

12-05-2016:  Guest writer Submission by John Porter.  The Case for the Electoral College.

From: John Porter
To: Americans everywhere
December 4, 2016

       I have been urged by many to explain the electoral college vs. popular vote provision of our Constitution and the reasoning behind it. Closely analyzed without bias political party thinking it shows the brilliance of the people we call the founding fathers in establishing this type of voting system for selecting a president. It is for that one government position only, because it is the only government job for which we hire someone with a nation wide election.

       We must remind ourselves, that when these men met to draft our constitution, there was no Federal Government, only states with their individual laws. Writing a Constitution was part of the process of forming the Federal government. It was done in order to, by Constitutional law, set the powers the states were willing to allow the Federal Government to have and the ones they would retain, and protect the rights of the people which could not be infringed upon by either.

       The original proposal was to have the two branches of Congress together elect the president. However, it was not adopted because that would be conceding power to the Federal Government to elect the president. It being the only elected position in the Federal Government representing all Americans, the states rightfully and successfully argued that they would have no voice in electing the president, and initiated the process at the state and local levels by choosing electors from each state to vote for president. Well known leading citizens were chosen, originally by state legislatures, now by the voters for the special purpose of selecting the president. The electors would assemble and cast the votes allotted to that state. The number of votes allotted were the state's number of Representatives and Senators combined. Their model for this was the very structure of the Constitutional Convention itself, where each state had a number of delegates representing that state.

       Even though it does not function exactly as the Founders originally intended, the Electoral College remains today an essential Constitutional safeguard of, not only American Individual Liberty, but of the liberty of the states from the Federal Government. As stated, each state is allotted as many electoral votes as it has senators and members of the House of Representatives. To become president of the United States of America, a person must, even today, win the national election state by state. We speak of "the presidential election" when, including Washington D. C., there are actually 51 separate elections for president. The United States is a nation of 50 separate and sovereign states. The electoral college gives your state a voice in electing the president.

       There is much talk to eliminate the electoral college and elect the president by popular vote. One group is headed up by Eric Holder with the financial support of other Liberal Progressives, and they are determined to do it. If successful, it would completely transform the office. The person elected to it would in effect become the president of the big cities of America, and the last trace of independent self government guaranteed the individual states by the Constitution's electoral college system would be lost forever. We must preserve and protect the Electoral College at any cost. 

       I here give you an example of what could, and would in fact have happened on November 8, 2016 if we had a national popular election instead of the Electoral College. This, I hope, will help one understand the true wisdom of the writers of our constitution. These numbers were put together on November 28 and there might have been a small number of votes still being tabulated in a few counties across some states. Sources are, Election results from The Associated Press, Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections, and The Cook Political Report:

       The total popular vote count shows Donald Trump won the popular vote in 30 states and Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 20 states plus D.C.. The total count for all states, Trump was 62,510,659,------Clinton was 64,817,808. the difference is Clinton winning by 2,307,149. However, totaling all states excluding California, Donald Trump won the popular vote. In California the vote count was Clinton...8,292,775----Trump...4,276,750. Now, let's deduct Clinton's California vote from her national vote..64,817,808 - 8,292,775 = 56,525,033. Now let's deduct Trump's California vote from his national vote..62,510,659 - 4,276,750 = 58,233,909. The difference is Trump winning by 1,708,876.

       So, in effect, Hillary Clinton was elected president of California and Donald Trump was elected president of the rest of the country by a substantial margin. This is the finest example I can relate to you of the wisdom of the Electoral College system of electing the American President. It prevents the vote of any one densely populated state from overriding the vote of all the others. Ask yourself, "Do I really want California, or any other state, electing the president for the rest of us?" Without the Electoral College that is exactly what will happen.

       Thank you and feel free to pass this to anyone you wish
John Porter
118 Approach Drive
Harrison, Arkansas 72601

10-10-2016:  Next election ends 11-08-2016... Vote Trump - Straight Republican ticket!

05-15-2016:  Primary voting continues in the RUNOFF ELECTIONS.  You can vote in this RunOff Election if you are a registered voter even if you did not vote in the Primary.  So for those of you who registered late and were not able to vote, now you can!   This is a whole new election just for those races where a Majority winner was required and there wasn't any winner.  The top two candidates in that race are in the RunOff. See my recommendations...

04-24-2016: State wide election for Cities and Schools:  This section mainly pertains to voting in the City of Lewisville and the Lewisville Independent School District.  However, the same dates apply statewide.  Check with your City and School district for sample ballots and exact voting times.

  • Early Voting Dates:
    Monday – Saturday; April 25 – 30, 2016; 8am – 5pm
    Monday – Tuesday; May 2 – 3, 2016; 7am – 7pm
    Denton County Early Voting Locations: 

  • Cities and Schools Election Day –
    Saturday; May 7, 2016; 7am-7pm
    Denton County Election Day Voting Locations:

    LISD: I left everything blank except contested races:
    Place 4: Katherine Sells
    Place 5: Jenny Proznik
    There were no contested races.
    Voted FOR both propositions for the Sales Tax for Fire and Police.

02-28-2016: THIS IS WHY I AM VOTING FOR TRUMP! Listen to this message..  The Real Donald Trump Story.  Never mind the lies and distortion of the corrupt Liberal Media. This time, the American People will follow the truth. .  Then watch a few others that follow.

02-25-20166:  Trump vs Cruz 

I am troubled by the stance a few of my fellow Christians have taken against me for wanting Trump to be president instead of Cruz (my second choice)....  I have always received that kind of hateful treatment from the liberals and other democrat types....   But the anger for my opinion is really odd.   Anyway, I am not angry...  May the best candidate win right???? 

     Although Cruz is my second choice because all the others are frankly worthless.  It's easy to listen to the lies and misleading information if you do not want to take the time to find the truth.  Like I stated in my last post...  Watch that video I mentioned in my last post, especially starting about the 14 minute mark when Megan Kelly is interviewing Cruz through the Bill O'Reilly question to Trump on the topic of illegal immigration.   Cruz does not directly answer the question - never does.   But Watch the whole video if you can.

Matthew 7:13-14 ESV:  “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few."

Understand the gist of why I used this verse....  I think many of you are not paying attention and are believing what people are telling you...  Even I do not want you to blindly follow me without learning for yourself.  Trust but verify!  Soooo  back to the issue at hand...  A few friends are saying things that are not exactly true about Trump and are saying a few things not exactly true about Cruz.  In November's General election, I can stand behind either of these two and not vote for any democrat.  In my opinion, I think all the other candidates should suspend their campaign.  I think it will ultimately be Trump vs Cruz for this Primary.

As I have stated before, I do not like everything Trump says or how he says it.... but I have to admit, he speaks truth.  How many of you have actually gone to and read Donald Trump's Site for his positions and read his press releases?  Not many that is for sure.  There is logic there.  Now let's talk about some issues...

  • Illegal Immigration - If you watched the video as mention above, you will see that Cruz never answers the question.  Trump says what ALL of you have been saying.  Trump has been saying it for years...
  • Abortion:  Many of my fellow Christians have seen Cruz's ad on TV and say that they will never vote for Donald Trump because he believes in Abortion - this is NOT true.  Trump has always hated abortion but we will come to this point below.  Let's put this in perspective.  If you read my stand on Pro-Life/Pro-Choice, then you will know that I am not either according to the politically correct definition.  I am strictly Anti-Abortion and I want to over turn Roe-vs-Wade but that is going to take an Act of Congress.  Trump knows this, do you?  Keep in mind he will be making an oath to uphold the law and protect the Constitution, your rights, etc....
    • Cruz is misleading and lying to you.  His message is that Trump believes in killing babies.  After watching the two points below, once you have seen these videos, how can you say Trump believes in Abortion?  Cruz is a lawyer but he made you believe as such.  As a lawyer he will defend his position by saying that Trump is Pro-Choice.  But in reality, Trump is Anti-Abortion but believes that you have the right to have a choice because the law says you do..
      • First watch Cruz's misleading ad - Pay attention to the heavily edited Section of Trump saying that he is Pro-Choice back in 1999.  Click here and Watch it.
      • Second I want you to watch the shortened interview from NBC without all the misleading editing by Cruz.  When watching this 1999 interview when Trump was thinking about running, keep in mind that he was very libertarian (very small government, Liberty and Freedom are paramount).  Basically he believes in protecting your rights even if he disagrees with it.  There are laws that allow others to do things that we all disagree with, however, he stands for your right of your choice.  I want to point out that even he has evolved since then.  He has always hated abortion, but now he does not want you to have the choice since he understands it is a baby.  Watch the shortened NBC Video here.
    • The Trump press release after Cruz's smear campaign with that edited video from 1999 which becomes a lie by Cruz. The message from Cruz is that Trump is ok with abortion which he clearly is not if you watched the video. The Pro-life Press release.
    •  I am sure that you can find the videos if you want to take the time to look for them but here is a nice list of quotes (there are a lot more from other sources)....  These quotes are from a 3rd party site but note the years and his change on your legal right to choose abortion which he always hated.  He has become less Libertarian and more Republican but keep in mind that it will take SCOTUS or an Act of Congress to overturn the Choice law. See the list with links....
  • Obamacare:  Health care is NOT a Constitutional Right.  Everyone has the opportunity to buy health care if they choose.  It is expensive because of the monopoly and lack of competition between insurance companies and their so called territories.  I think people need to budget and make it a priority over their cable with a sports and  HBO package.  I do not have cable but I do have health insurance - just saying.... Both Trump and Cruz say they are going to repeal Obamacare however....
    • Cruz says he will repeal every bit of Obama care but doesn't really say what he is going to do after that.  Not clearly.  In tonight's debate, he started to repeat what Trump was saying but stopped short.
    • Trump says he will repeal but leave in the issue that Insurance companies must cover pre-existing conditions.  He wants insurance to be a private thing not a government thing. Trump wants to remove the monopolies and remove the boundaries so that you can choose from any insurance company from all the states.  This will bring competition and if they want your business, they will create a better policy for a lower price.  It is up to you to buy the insurance.  If you do not buy any, then you do without - just like before Obamacare - except that the market should bare lower competitive prices. It is that simple.  But Trump has a caveat about the poor and wants hospitals to save lives and not turn a dying person away.  Everybody attacked Trump on that last part.
  • Foreign Policy:  The only one that has real experience with real negotiations and business to business negotiations is Trump.  Trump says he will make it fair.  At this time we are giving way too much away.  In my opinion Cruz does not say much with substance on this topic that does not sound like political jargon.
  • Military:  Both say they want a strong military.  I think Trump is the only one that will make it stronger.
  • Taxes:
    • Cruz wants to abolish IRS but I really do not think that will happen.  He wants a flat tax which I really like the idea.
    • Trump lays out his tax plan on his website.  It is a simpler version of what we have now.  It is better than what we have now but I do favor a flat tax better.  Overall, I think Trump's idea is more achievable than Cruz's idea.

I could go on and on but overall, I think Trump is the better choice.  I will be voting for Trump in this Primary and hope he is the nominee for the November ballot.  I think Trump is the ONLY republican candidate that can possibly beat Hillary Clinton.  I think Cruz will lose miserably against Clinton if he wins the primary.

- John Gorena.

02-18-20166: The Case for Trump....

Well, as you know, I am a fan of Joe Dan Gorman of As he describes himself, "Joe Dan Gorman is the creator and producer of Intellectual Frog Legs. When he is not creating and producing stuff, he is busy eating meat, playing guitar and defending the Constitution from liberal zombies."  AND his videos are a hoot for conservatives.  I want to bring attention to his latest video - all are quirky and interesting.  This one is a must see if you are not sure about Cruz or Trump.  Gorman is a Trump fan as am I.  He just gets the point across better.  For Example, Gorman Says, "I don’t agree with everything Trump says nor the way he says it… but I agree with the important stuff. And when the stakes are so high—I don’t want a rookie serving as executive.. I’m looking at resumes—a work history. Period. Promises from lawyers and politicians, we’ve heard every election.."   Go to this page and read the article before watching the video:

--- Be sure to see my Republican Primary voting recommendations are posted on the Voting Schedule page.

02-13-2016:  Republican Primary voting recommendations are posted on the Voting Schedule page.  

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