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  • 09-23-2007:   Irving is enforcing immigration laws using the Detention and Task Force Models under 287(g).  protestors plan rally.
  • 09-25-2007:  Rally Action Alert:  Sue Richardson calls for a rally to support the police.
  • 09-26-2007:  Post Rally report - protestors attended in large numbers
  • 09-27-2007:  Rally Action Alert - Irving Council Meeting - Support the Police!

09-23-2007: Irving is enforcing immigration laws using the Detention and Task Force Models under 287(g),

  • Consuls say Irving overzealous, but mayor defends crackdown on illegal immigrants.  Mexican Consul Enrique Hubbard Urrea has issued an unusual warning to immigrants from his country: "Avoid the city of Irving. Deportations in this city have skyrocketed in the last several months from 262 in all of 2006 to 1,338 through mid-September."


    • The Irving City Council unanimously approved an ordinance adopting the Criminal Alien Program earlier this year after police began practicing it in 2006.
    • Illegal Alien supporters are planning to Rally against the Irving deportations.  The Group says the program has some immigrants living in fear.


The City of Irving has stepped up their efforts to control their illegal alien problem as you can see from the articles above.  They are doing what every City in America should be doing.  It was tough getting them started but with the hard work from true patriotic citizens like Sue Richardson (a resident and a patriot activist in Irving), and two Councilman Beth Van Duyne and Tom Spink, the City is making a stand.

     Beth VanDuyne has been fighting for our immigration laws to be enforced locally in order to keep criminal illegal aliens from being turned back into the community after being arrested.  Tom Spink's primary campaign issue supported the implementation of the Detention and Task Force Models under 287(g) - programs still needed based on the number of illegal aliens committing crimes serious enough to land them in the Irving jail.

     Sue's request below is heart felt but going to support the Police Chief and the Council in this matter will mean a lot.  We have been asking for someone to do something and now Irving, Texas is doing something.  Let's go and support them.

  • Where:  Irving, Texas . City Hall, 825 W. Irving Blvd, Irving, TX, 75060. 972.721.2600
  • When:  09-26-2007 about 6:30 PM

 - John Gorena


My original response to Carlos Quintanilla and the Mexican Consul and their protest plans for tomorrow night at City Hall was to ignore them and not give them credibility. However, since the Mayor continues to escalate the issue with interviews and meetings, and take credit that doesn't belong to him for the arrests of illegal aliens, we have decided to turn out in support of Beth Van Duyne's and Tom Spink's stand favoring 287(g), but not as ramble rousers.

NOTE:  I do not know if the numbers in the video are accurate.  There is reference to the numbers on the internet but nothing in the mainstream media that I could find.

Anyone willing to participate, please view the attached Youtube video. You can pause it on the different frames containing pictures of the victims and the frame describing who they are and how they died. After pausing, you can print the picture and description.

Please print one victim with information and bring it with you to the IRVING City Hall tomorrow evening (09-26-2007) around 6:30-6:45pm. Our statements should address our compassion being for the people being murdered and abused by illegal aliens, and seniors who cannot afford food and medicine because of the drain on our Welfare dollars to support the healthcare, education, birth, and upbringing of illegal aliens costing billions of dollars to the American taxpayer.

People who support illegal immigration are supporting the invasion of America. If our soldiers can fight and give their blood for our freedom in Iraq, Vietnam, France, Germany, Italy, etc., the least we can do is take a stand for them to have a safe and secure country for them to come home to.

The Mayor has started his campaign for re-election by flip-flopping on the immigration issue because he knows he cannot get re-elected if he opposes us. Why he thinks we would fall for this new smoke and mirrors stuff and support somebody with his sanctuary city record over Beth VanDuyne who has always been in favor of ridding our city of criminal illegal aliens is beyond me. However,
it is up to us to expose his new game. If someone asks you about it, quote his record and remind them that 1000 citizens forced the city to change their policy and start identifying and deporting illegal aliens. Why would we trust him to not return to those policies over someone like Beth VanDuyne who has been on our side and fought him for 2 years on this issue? With his record, how do we know that he is not using everything to stage in his favor. With his action against the citizens and in favor of the illegal aliens when he signed the ACORN letter, how do we know that he ha not made commitments to the illegal alien supporters to turn back the clock if they will help him get re-elected? Had he been so adamant a year ago, we might give him the benefit of the doubt, but when people wait until campaign season to flip-flop, it means nothing except I think the voters are stupid enough to buy what I am selling.

Another reason we can give for not trusting him is his request for Bob Moon, who is with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, to get people to the June 14th city council meeting to support the adoption of the least effective immigration policy of those available through ICE - CAP (which is not even a program, but a policy to make a phone call that has been available for at least 15 or 20 years, but ignored by Cannaday and Boyd until our Petition in September 2006). In any event, Bob Moon put out an email stating that the Mayor had asked for help and Carlos showed up and supported the Mayor. We supported the smoke and mirrors policy called a program too, but as a first step due to the number of illegals in Irving. By the sheer numbers being taken into the jail and identified, the policy they are calling CAP has proven that his sanctuary city policies have worked and we are flooded with illegals and now, more than ever, need to implement all law enforcement measures available to cities.

Carlos and the Mexican Consul are calling for a boycott of Irving and I understand that they will demonstrate at the mall tomorrow night. Frankly, the mall has started catering to them, so if Carlos hurts their business, he is only hurting the people he says he is trying to help.

In any event, we would appreciate your help...Sue

09-26-2007:  Rally Report: This overview is from my perspective and location at the protest. I stayed about an hour.

The Irving deportation protest rally was attended in large numbers. I guess about 500. Those of us there to SUPPORT the Irving Police were about 45 people. I did see a few people drive by and then leave. I assume that they left because of the large numbers there to protest. I also assume that they were coming to support the Police and we were scatted in several areas. Parking was restricted because the police blocked a few parking lot areas.

MEDIA: I saw at least 4 Spanish radio stations, channel 4, WB33, Channel 11. I was told that the Spanish stations were publicizing this protest since Sunday. Sue Richardson of Irving decided late Monday night to ask those who support the Irving police to come and show support - kind of a counter protest.  Quite a few people heard about it on 570 KLIF and came out to support Irving.

VIOLENCE: I did not see any. We did have a few people try to start something by calling us names and saying things that would make most Americans mad. We just stood there holding our signs. Most of the signs were about supporting Irving, enforce the law, etc... Nothing racial or rude that I could see. I did see on Channel 4 later tonight that an Older Anglo man grabbed a Hispanic Male by the throat. This was uncalled for and he should not have fallen for their tactics. Other than that on the News, everything was peaceful.

THE MESSAGE: The message given by the rally leaders was that the police are racial profiling and deporting. The facts that the Irving police were only checking the legal status of those in jail was never clarified that I could tell. There were many people talking and the only one that I could identify at my distance was Hector Flores. They spoke Spanish 95% of the time and said things like: (I am paraphrasing and translating here):
- If they are going to arrest one of us then they need to arrest all of us. They can't arrest us all. The Jail is not large enough.
- If they are going to deport us, then why not deport us to Germany. (followed by yelling 'Nazis')
- At 10:00 AM everyone should call Irving (mayor's office) to tell them to stop deportation.
- If they get deported, the economy of Irving will not survive without them.
- they encouraged those who could vote to do so. And those that are not registered to vote should do so. They can take over Irving and voting was the way to do it.
- They said that people should not be deported because of the color of their skin. Repeated many times.

THE POLICE: The police were there in large numbers. They were very friendly and a few made an effort to come by and thanked us for our support. We all thanked them for their work and they were appreciative of it.

The protestors that support Illegal Aliens will be out at Irving City Hall again tonight and most likely they will be there in large numbers like they were last night.  They stated that they would protest at the Council meeting.  If you support the City of Irving and their police, then PLEASE attend and look for the Americans that support the police and stand with them. 
  • Location:  Irving City Hall; 825 W. Irving Blvd, Irving, TX, 75060. 972-721-2600
  • Points of Interest:
    • KLIF will be broadcasting from the Irving City Hall location during the Jon-David Wells Show (4:00 PM to 7:00 PM).   Please go by there and speak on the "Free Speech"  Microphone.  Also listen on 570 AM.
    • Council Meeting.   Signup to speak will be about 6:30 PM and the meeting starts at 7:00 PM.
    • See the suggested Rally Rules that CFIR uses.  NOTE:  This is not a CFIR Pro American Rally.
  • AFTER THE RALLY REPORT:  The masses did not show up.  There were a few of the protest leaders there but the masses were not there.  Maybe they realized that the protest leaders were misleading them.  After all, the police are only deporting Criminal Illegal Aliens.  There were also several radio and TV stations there all expecting the masses.

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