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Update 09-10-2007The Day Labor Site issue is dead - mostly.

The funds for the Day Labor Site Center were de-funded and will be re-allocated.  It was in the consent agenda which was approved unanimously.  The money will instead be spent on a drainage project.  In the next couple of weeks the Council will officially approve the budget for next year.  I am told that we will not find anywhere in the budget any money allocated for a Day Labor Site Center.  This issue is all but dead.  That is, NO MONEY then NO DLS Center.  In my opinion, it  is not a statement that they would not support a project like this if the issue arose in the future.  It was not an about-face on this issue.  It was a stop.  In a perfect world, I would have preferred a statement about this error in judgment and a commitment to do something about the illegal alien problems in the City.  In any case, this is a good first step (or more accurately a non-step in the wrong direction).

Update 08-06-2007:

Update 05-31-2007
Council Members still seem to support the Day Labor Site (DLS).

  • It is bad enough that the following council members voted for a Day Laborer Site in the first place as listed in the 08-19-2006 Budget Meeting Minutes.
  • The Minutes did not reflect that any of the council members or the Mayor had any reservations on the subject and they all approved the budget which included the DLS.  They still seem to support the DLS in the Dallas Morning News article (or see the PDF version of this article) as Greg Tierney is quoted as saying "we as a city do need to move forward."  Uhhh, wrong direction.  The decision that they made on this DLS issue tells me that these council members do not represent me and almost all of the people that I talk to in Lewisville.  Personally they seem like nice people but they may never get another vote from me.  This DLS topic is a real NO BRAINER and the vote should have been NO from all of them.  I admit that I am not a genius but this decision is clearly wrong to me.  There is no excuse for their decision logically and I really cannot think of a good reason why someone would support this DLS.  I can think of a few but none of them are Right.   I just hope that there are candidates that are FOR Americans that run against these current members so that I can vote for someone that represents the true Citizens of Lewisville.   An Example, Lathan Watts will get my vote.

Date: 04-19-2007
Subject: Open records - Request for Information - Day Laborer Site
Greetings ALL,
     I mentioned that the current race in Lewisville has a candidate (Aljoe) that is supporting the day laborer site (See Aljoe's Comments).  We also have a candidate that opposes spending tax payer money on such a project (Lathan Watts). The local paper backed Aljoe but did not cover any of his points or issues.  This sparked me to send a Letter to the Editors of the paper.  [NOTE 5-29-2007:  It has come to my attention that these editors do not live in Lewisville either.]
     The minutes on the City of Lewisville website for 8-19-2006 were not available so I requested the information for the August 19-22, 2006 City Council Budget Workshop.  Now that I mentioned this to them, they will fix the site links but the links were not fixed as of 5-5-2007.  For now, the City attorney's office has sent me the minutes of that workshop.

  • Budget Meeting Summary: 08-19-2006 Minutes as concerning 'day laborers':
    • Page 32:
      - Line item: $138,709 to fund a day laborer hiring site.
    • Page 33:
      - Discussion of site location  - See Possible Site Location.
      - City Manager King advised that the cost presented was based upon the Mill Street location.
      - Discussion of only location day laborers would be allowed to solicit work.
      - An attendee requests permanent shelter to assist the individuals.
    • Page 38: The funded Summary List
  • The 2006-2007 Approved Budget which is 471 pages so do a search for "Day Labor" and you should get the results to click on references.  If the actual link does not work above, please see this copy.  Your search should show:

    • Page 18 (34 of 471) - Please note the line items

      • Construct a day laborer hiring site $138,709

      • Police Department City Ordinance Enforcing Use of Day Laborer Facility at No Cost.  This will be the last time I settle for "we do not have the budget".  Apparently is costs nothing to enforce the law - that's what it says in this table (click to enlarge).
        No Cost Enforcement

    • Page 88 (104 of 471) - The site will include a 24X20 picnic shelter and permanent restrooms. A 2-lane concrete ‘loading zone’.... Funding will also be used for a bicycle rack and landscaping to increase the aesthetics of the site during operational hours.

    • Page 171 (187 of 471) - a line item in capital improvement

    • Page 172 (188 of 471) - a line item in strategic plan

    • Page 331 (347 of 471) - Line item in summary

    • Page 337 (353 of 471) - Day Labor Hiring Site location


     The amount for the Day Laborer Hiring Site is listed as $138,709* which seems to be nothing more than money allocated for the location. (Please See $ Clarification below) Since I was originally told it was more than that, I can only assume that there has been other discussion for a building that would raise the amount to be spent on this. However, the minutes do not specifically state if this is for the land only or if it includes a shelter also. The term of 'site' means a location to me. I would have guessed that the property values in a prominent area in Lewisville would be expensive. Most of these 'day laborers' hang out at the huffiness dealership (121 & I35) and 7-11 (Mill St & 121). Since I oppose this.... I ask.... Will these 'Day Laborers' go to an obscure place or will they just continue being at these intersections?

     Seems to me that they will continue to go where they are now.  A supporter of this action has stated that the police will ticket them if they congregate anywhere else. I have no faith in this as they do not currently enforce the law when it concerns illegal aliens. Though I do understand that 'day laborers' may not all be illegal aliens, I would venture an educated guess that nearly 100% are illegal aliens. A citizen would not have to resort to such measures because a citizen would be able to go and apply for a job at a company, etc... Being that they are in a public area, I would be in favor of police identifying these individuals and take action accordingly. Just enforcing a Loitering ordinance would cause the problem to go away. (Lewisville does not have a loitering ordinance as of this writing).  If a citizen is involved, then they get a ticket.  Illegal Aliens should be arrested and immigration should be called.  I also believe from statistics heard on news programs that ticketing would be a worthless effort as nearly all do not show up for court or pay tickets. I guess we could ticket those who solicit their services which would normally be a person (a citizen) wanting to hire them (day laborers). Either way, I would rather spend the money on police officers that would enforce the law thus solving the problem directly without encouraging illegal aliens to come here.  If you build it, they will come.  I do not want Lewisville to be a Sanctuary city for illegal aliens. 

     Please support the laws that have already been passed. Those in political office and law enforcement make an oath to uphold the law. We all have to do our part and it is up to the local officials and police to enforce the law. It is up to everyone to obey the law. All the Laws (Federal, State, County, City, etc..) apply to a jurisdiction. Does each City have its own Constitution or Bill of Rights written in their local laws? Of course not, because it all applies. The picking and choosing of which laws to enforce is nothing more than a political opinion or judgment by law enforcement.  Justice is supposed to be blind - enforce the law.  There are many examples of this 'picking and choosing' which laws to enforce. Here are a few:
- The police will give you a ticket if you are speeding on a State Highway or is this also out of their Jurisdiction?
- Having a truckload of drugs is a federal offense?
- is a basic list of FEDERAL crime areas and you can just imagine how bad things would be if the police did not enforce any of these laws.

05-05-2007:  Update.  It has been told to me that the possible site is at S. Mill and 121 in Lewisville, TX.  I have not seen anything official but my source is pretty good.  If you find anything Official, please send to me.

Please vote only once.



  • * 05-29-2007: About money for the DLS.
    I would like to make a fact correction to my last Letter to the Editor in support for Lathan Watts who is against building a Day Labor Site. It has come to my attention that I referenced the Day Labor Site approved funding incorrectly. The $138K is not for the land purchase as implied by the Minutes to the Council budget meeting which was based on the Mill St location. Information from the City Community Relations & Tourism Director has been forwarded to me that “the money is specifically for a shelter, restrooms, and water/sewer hookup to the restrooms. The ideal plan is to obtain use of land at no additional cost. There is no money budgeted for land acquisition.” It's still $138K of Tax payer money for a Day Labor Site.

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