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08-13-2007:  Question: Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?
This is easy.  I am neither. But it does take some explanation.  I am Anti-Abortion.  Before I start to explain this, we have to define these terms Pro-Life and Pro-Choice.  To me these are sugar coated terms created to hide the real issue or make it sound worse for Pro-Life and better for pro-choice.  Most refer to the the pro-life side of the abortion issue as anti-abortion or anti-choice.  The Pro-Abortion side is referred to as pro-choice.  This seems to give the pro-abortion side a better helping of the sugar-coating to make it seem more positive even though I believe no one has the right to kill an innocent human life. I also think these terms give many a way to avoid the real issue by saying "it's their choice".  But what it comes down to is anti-abortion and pro-abortion.

     First, Pro-Life implies that a person should NOT kill for any reason.  There are reasons to kill:  self defense, defending another person, war, and the enforcement of the death penalty**(See clarification).  But, as I said before,  in no circumstances do I believe that someone has the right to kill a baby because it will interfere with their lifestyle, party dates, plans, or financial situation, etc...  If you do not want a baby, then keep your pants on, do not have sex (act of mating), go get some elective surgery, tie it off, chop it off, etc..  I know that abstinence is the Christian point of view but if you don't agree with the Supreme Being then take some personal responsibility and control yourself or go get the surgery (vasectomy or tubaligation).  I try not to be preachy but I am a Christian and it reminds me of the scriptures: 

  • Mark 9:45-47 (NIV)  "And if your foot causes you to sin, cut it off.  It is better for you to enter life crippled than to have two feet and be thrown into hell.  And if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out.  It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into hell,"

Some people may interpret this literally, however, I do not think that this scripture is encouraging self induced injuries.  It is telling you how important it is to do right and that it would be easier to think correctly to avoid the sin than to deal with the consequences.  An old cliché sums it up, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."   Or in this case, an eight pound baby - give or take a few pounds.  Prevention IS NOT abortion!

     Imagine the Darwin human evolutionary chart - that shows the progress from ape to modern man.  (NO, I am not an evolutionist - I believe in God's Creation - thanks for asking.)  The Human life cycle starts with conception and grows inside the mother being fed by a tube in the stomach for about nine months.  At birth the human continues to grow and starts to be fed by mouth instead of a tube in the stomach.  (There have been cases that babies survive if born as early as five months.)  Then the infant becomes more aware of its surroundings and grows into a child, to a teenager, adult, then old person.  If we have such a disregard for life at the beginning of the life cycle, then will we not have the same disregard for like at the end of the life cycle?  When you think that people are living longer, the short time in the womb is such a small percentage of the total life cycle - especially if the person lives to be over a hundred years of age.  Do these baby murderers want to kill our elderly too?  I fear that the same excuses will be used some day towards our elderly.  Things like, "We can't afford to care for the old people."  or "I will not be able to go on dates if I have to care for my parents."  or "We can't afford the medical bills." or "Medicare costs too much."  You get the point.  Also, I like old people.  I hope to be an active and healthy one someday.

     Second, Pro-Choice depends on your choices doesn't it?  You can chose to mate or not to mate.  It is not a question.  That is really where the choices begin.  If a person kills a pregnant woman then the charge is murder for two people. Yet doctors are killing babies and calling it an abortion.  Even in the case of rape, the woman has a choice to have the baby to keep this new life or give it for adoption.  I can understand the desire to abort the baby to avoid the reminder of the rape.  As a man, I really can sympathize.  If I were a woman in that position, then I would hope that I will be human enough to see the child as a blessing like others have done.  If the woman chooses to have an abortion because of rape, then the rapist needs to be charged for the murder and absolve the victim-mother of all charges.  But then again, if the rape is not reported for months, it should not matter.  It must be reported ASAP - within days of event.  The longer she waits, then I think it is an excuse to murder a baby.  I truly believe the decision to abort will have consequences - on a personal and spiritual level.

     I remember watching the News about a feminist march for pro-choice and they were interviewing a bunch of people.  One of them was Jane Fonda.  If you remember, she accused our Vietnam Veterans of being baby killers yet she is on the News supporting the action of killing babies.  Someone is very confused and it is not me.

     THEREFORE, let's stop playing with words to make it sound better than it is.  I am Anti-Abortion (not pro-life) and I do not think anyone should have the choice to kill babies.  That is, after all, the choice that they want to make isn't it?  I am in favor of people having choices but some options should never be allowed - murder is one of them.


That's how I see it,

John Gorena

05-14-2008:  Several people have written to argue the point.  I guess they do not understand my position.  So for those very few of you who have questioned or written on this to convince me that I am wrong, let me expand here:

     I do understand what you are saying and your beliefs are yours. I just disagree.  Let me pose a question - a scenario... I do not mean to offend...
     If a person has a gun pointed at another person and I go up to the one with the gun and tell them to shoot. Am I not as guilty of murder? Regardless of who pulled the trigger, we both wanted the gun to be fired at the victim. The person with the gun could have stopped it and I could have encouraged not to shoot. If I support your stance, then I am guilty of encouraging murder of a human life and I cannot do that for it would be wrong.
     To me, killing anytime in the life cycle would be murder. Whether it is a week old in the womb, or a week out of the womb, or even a week after the 100th birthday.
     I have known people who would feel guilty if they admitted it was a human being in the womb because they either pulled the trigger or encouraged someone to do it OR did not stop someone from doing it. The excuses range from the baby doesn’t know or it will not remember. Frankly, I do not remember anything before 4 years of age. Because of this, would it have been right to kill me at 3.5 years old?
     Again, not meaning to offend but as a point of discussion. Think about your reasoning. There is no need to answer me but ask yourself this... Do you truly believe that life does not begin at conception? Is it Guilt? Where do you draw the line at what age? Why?
     You and I know my answers to these questions. Do you know yours?

That's how I still see it,

John Gorena

   ** Death Penalty clarification:  I really do not think that the death penalty is a deterrent to crime but if someone is sentenced to death then do it.  I do not think that we should allow these criminals to be on Death Row for as long as they are there.  An example is Tookie Williams, who helped create the notorious Crips street gang in the late 1960's. Williams was convicted and sentenced to death in 1981 for four murders committed during two separate robberies in 1979.  He was FINALLY executed 24 years after being sentenced by the state of California in 2005.  He lived on death row for 24 years.  That's 24 years too long.

     So let me be clear.  The Death Penalty is not a deterrent to crime.  Criminals are not thinking about tomorrow.  They are thinking about the moment.  I do not believe they really think about the consequences of their actions.  For example, you hear about armed robbery/murders over a mere twenty dollars.  Life means nothing to them - not even their own.  They do not care about the consequences.

     Thanks to lawyers, the cost of executions has gotten so expensive that it is probably less expensive to have them in jail for life.  Besides, as a punishment, death is too easy of a way out.   I think criminals should serve time with hard labor.  Which brings up another issue about how well we treat the worst - it will have to wait for another issue page.

01-22-2010 - The Truth About Abortion Article by Chuck Baldwin

I just wanted to share this good article by pastor Chuck Baldwin.

     Today marks the 37th anniversary of the infamous US Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision, which, in effect, legalized abortion-on-demand nationwide. The aftermath of this tragic ruling is the deaths of over 40 million (a very conservative number) innocent unborn babies. It is no hyperbole to say abortion is America's holocaust. Think of it, every American citizen today, 37 years old or younger, has never known a country that respected and protected innocent human life in the womb. Put it another way: when Hitler's Third Reich was at its zenith, the abortion rate was 40%......... 
Read the rest of this article by Pastor Chuck Baldwin Online Version or the PDF version.

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