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  • Lewisville Old Town Design Plans
    • 05-11-2009: Urban Design Charrette - A week long process.
    • 08-21-2009: Discussion of Preliminary Concepts for Old Town Transit-Oriented Development, Mill Street, and Old Town Plaza.
    • 01-25-2010: Approval of the Old Town Plaza Conceptual Design.
    • 10-18-2010: Discussion and Vote of Old Town Transit Oriented Development Plan and Mill Street Corridor
  • 04-15-2013:  2012 Lewisville Parks, Recreation & Open Space Vision Plan.
  • APOLOGIES:  there are a lot more in the design phases since 2010.  When I get a chance to scan and import, I will add them to this page.

Lewisville Old Town Design Plans

05-11-2009: Urban Design Charrette.   May 11-15, 2009.  This is a week long process.

Design Charrette: May 11 to May 15, 2009
Community Workshop: May 14, 2009  7:00PM
Community Open House: May 15, 2009 4:00-6:00PM

What is a Charrette?
  A Charrette is a brief but intense design workshop in which stakeholders and interested citizens are invited to contribute to the work of an interdisciplinary team of urbanists during the earliest stages of design and planning.


Who are the Stakeholders?  Stakeholders are the citizens and businesses in Lewisville (within the specific project area).


Overview / Outline:

This week long process is open to everyone all day on the third floor of City Hall.  You are encouraged to attend when you can.  Ask questions, attend the scheduled sessions and give input.  There are specific presentations planned that you can see in the Agenda.  Though out the week, the designers will develop a number of concepts to present at the end of the week.  Be involved!


This is a fast paced design process.  To learn more, please see the following pages to understand what is happening (click Back and Next at the bottom of pages):

08-21-2009: Lewisville City Council Called – Special Meeting:   Discussion of Preliminary Concepts for Old Town Transit-Oriented Development, Mill Street, and Old Town Plaza. The Discussion is an open meeting.  Download the Agenda and the slide presentation.  The PDF file is large at about 25 MB, please Right Click and Save it on your computer to view -  City Online version or the PDF copy.

  • When and Where:
    August 24, 2009

    Lewisville City Hall - City Council Conference Room
    151 West Church Street; Lewisville, Texas 75057
    Time: 6:00 P.M.

  • My First Thoughts:  I went to the Public Design Charrette meetings (see entry 05-11-2009) and I went to the final day with the designs where they were asking for input from the public.  Most of what I saw is in this slide presentation for the City council plus a lot more.  Please note that Photos in the presentation are just examples from other projects of what could be.  The drawings are probably more realistic as they are a rendition of Lewisville.
        I am looking forward to the presentation.  If you attend this meeting, you will be hearing it like I am.  However, here are my first thoughts on each project.

    • Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Redevelopment Urban Design Plan (starting on slide 2 of the presentation, page 4/119 of the PDF).  Not much comment, however, here is a list of the slides that interest me.

      • slide 9: suggested areas likely to redevelop

      • slides 16-24: the cross sections of the streets and how they will be expanded or rebuilt.  You may also notice the multi-story possibilities when or if redeveloped.

    • Mill St Urban Design and Landscape Improvements Plan (starting on slide 35 of the presentation, page 37/119 of the PDF).   The area is grouped into two sections: South & North.

      • There are two basic concepts for the North Section:

        • Slide 46: Concept 1:  Mill St remains a two way street

        • Slide 48: Concept 2: Mill St and Keely St are one way streets and are joined in the North end.

      • Slides 60 & 61:  A photo of the present and the artist rendering of the possible future.  (I watched the artist work on this during the Charrette and it was impressive how he transformed the image.  Note that the auto parts store is a bakery and cafe in the drawing.)

    • Town Plaza and Pedestrian Improvements (starting on slide 68 of the presentation, page 70/119 of the PDF).  Any of the options can be included in any concept.

      • slide 76:  there are three concepts presented in this section but a combination of features can be changed.

      • Concept 1:  slides 86 & 89:  There is a water canal and it flows to the far end and gets pumped back to the other end.  very nice looking.

      • Concept 2:  slides 97 & 100:  It is more open and roomy for events.  I like the water wall and stage where the water can be turned off and be used as a stage or movie screen.  The water Pop Jet Fountain is always a kids favorite.  I think that this layout will be great for events.

      • Concept 3: slides 106 & 109:  more water and less land use.  It is nice looking but seems less practical than the other two concepts.

01-25-2010:  Approval of the Old Town Plaza Conceptual Design.  Take a look at the drawings in the Agenda pages 66 to 166 of the Long version.  The designs start on page 136.

10-18-2010: Discussion and Vote

  • Discussion of Old Town Transit Oriented Development Plan and Mill Street Corridor.   This is the next phase in the old revitalization process as covered from the Old Town Design Charrette. This presentation has slides in the Long version with backup material on pages 8 thru 33.

  • Item 2. Approval of a Resolution Adopting the Old Town Transit Oriented Development Plan and Conceptual Designs for the Mill Street Corridor Including Various Alternatives to be Decided During the Design Development Phase.  The background material on this item is in the Long version with backup material on pages 45 thru 159.

04-15-20132012 Lewisville Parks, Recreation & Open Space Vision Plan.

  • Read the first two pages of this PDF.  You will notice that there is an estimate of the costs then the memo says this is removed - for now.  It will have to be paid for some day and how much will that be?

  •  Then review the ideas developed on the following pages of the PDF..

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