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ON THIS PAGE:  Lewisville Sewer Cleanout Program is going way - that is OK. But....

Some Background: For a number of years the City of Lewisville had been offering a service to clean out your sewer line if it gets clogged.  Here is the current pay Schedule (as of 01-01-2012) before it goes away... (Click here to see online before it goes away).

Sewer Line Cleaning Fee Schedule

During normal business hours  &   After normal business hours
Monday - Friday   Monday - Friday
7 AM - 10 PM   10 PM - 7 AM
0-2 Cleanings Free   Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
3rd Cleaning $ 50.00   $140.00
4th Cleaning $ 75.00  
5+ Cleanings $ 100.00  

02-02-2012 - At the Planning Retreat...
ITEM 6:  Utility Line Insurance Program - I am against this.  In my opinion this is nothing but endorsing an insurance company for the Water and Sewer Utility lines at your home or business.  Currently, the City will come out to your home to clear the outside sewer drain for free or a very competitive price.  Typically, you would call a plumber and that is probably where it should be.  If the City is going to offer such a service, it really should not be at the expense of citizens either.  Too big a topic to go into here.
     I was the only one against endorsing an insurance company.  I think the City should encourage insurance but not determine which company to promote.  The excuse is a lower rate???  The insurance company did not have spend any money on advertising as the City will do it all in water bills so maybe they are offering a break there???  What a gig that is...  I do not like this at all.  This will come to a council vote in the near future.
     We all agreed that the City should get out of the plumbing business and only respond to the Main drainage.  I recommend calling a plumber from the yellow pages
for a stoppage.   There was also talk about how to do a limited refund on the plumber bill if it was the City's problem.  I am not sure on how this was supposed to be determined so more details will be needed before a vote comes.

09-10-2012: Lewisville City Council Meeting:

5:45 PM - WORKSHOP SESSION - ITEM B. Discontinuation of Sewer Clean Out Program

  • NOTE: I Wrote the following after the meeting on this date.  Please see my next post for 'changes'.
    Post Meeting Comments on this Topic: 
    I am a little frustrated on this topic.  I am currently up late because I just cannot sleep.  Here is a brief overview...
    • It has not come to the Council for a final vote at this time.  We have been discussing this since the last retreat.  
    • It was a nice service that was offered by the City but the City should not be in the plumbing business.  I am OK with getting out of the Plumbing business. There are more than enough private businesses that compete for this type of service and the City should not compete with private businesses.
    • In the meeting tonight it was discussed that if you hire a plumber to clean your drain, a reimbursement (of a Set Fee amount that is yet to be determined) will be issued if the clog is in the City Main.  The Private property owner will be responsible for cleaning out their Sewer drain all the way to the Sewer Main.  That makes sense to me and this is OK since it is your clog.  I do not know the details on how the reimbursement will work.  No decision has been made at this point.
    • Also that the property owner would be required to repair the sewer drain pipe all the way to the City Sewer Main which could be way past the property line to include under the sidewalk, curb, and street.   I even drew a diagram and asked the Assistant City Manager about the repair.  Again, it was told to me that the property owner would be responsible to the City Sewer Main.  I AM AGAINST THIS definition of responsibility.  I believe that the property owner should be responsible for the repair of the pipe in the private property area up to the Right of Way.  The City should take care of the Right or Way to the Sewer Main. NOTE:  The information in this bullet has been updated on 09-12-2010 below - the property owner will not be responsible for the Right of Way to the City Sewer Main.
    • Since it will be quite expensive to fix the Sewer pipe to the City Sewer Main because you may be required to also fix the sidewalk, curb, and street - as it was explained to me on the previous bullet point.- they want property owners to opt-in to a company that they suggest / endorse / promote - yes, a single Insurance Company called USP Inc.   I AM AGAINST THIS as we should not promote a single company over the others in the private sector.  If the repair will be required all the way to the Sewer main then we should inform property owners to be sure they are covered with their home owners insurance.   NOTE:  The information in this bullet has been updated on 09-12-2010 below - that the property owner is not responsible for the repair past the private property line..
    • It was also mentioned that we will do this promotion free of charge to USP Inc and we will not get a portion of the accounts.  We will not be doing the billing and the account with all the rules of use will be handled by USP Inc.  The property owner will pay the endorsed insurance company should the property owner choose to opt into doing this.

09-12-2012:  Since Monday night’s meeting and the way I understood the issue, it seems that there is some clarification on what was meant…. I spoke with Assistant City manager Steve Bacchus this morning…. So, overall, here is a brief outline Concerning the changes to the Sewer Drain Clean out Policy of the City of Lewisville.

  • I am OK with getting out of the plumbing business.  There are more than enough private businesses that compete for this type of service and the City should not compete with private businesses.
  • About Clogs: Citizens are responsible for cleaning out clogs in their outside sewer drain all the way to the City Sewer Main (past the property line) but not responsible for the clog in the City Sewer Main. If you hire a plumber to clean your sewer drain, a reimbursement (of a Set Fee amount that is yet to be determined) will be issued if the clog is in the City Main. Expectedly, you will have to pay the plumber for his services to make sure that your sewer drain is clear of a clog – even if there is still a backup because of a clog in the City Sewer Main.  That City Sewer Main clog may be past your connection and the Plumber should not go that far anyway.  The way the City determines a clog in the City Sewer Main this is by coming out, open a manhole cover, see it backing up, and then they clear it. That is, if the pressure has not already pushed the clog (sometimes they are temporary).
  • Repair of Sewer Drains lines to the Main:  Mr. Bacchus stated that the City will be responsible for the repair on the City side and that Citizens will be responsible for repair on their private property side. The Property owner has ALWAYS been responsible for repairs of their Sewer Drain on their private property.  NOTE: This is an update from the previous dated entry.
    •  I do want to note…. He did mention that if a Citizen hires a plumber to replace the connection to the City Sewer Main, it will include the cost of repairing the street, curb, etc… BUT that would not be necessary because the City will fix the pipe past the property line… I am not sure why this was mentioned in Monday’s meeting since we are only responsible for the Private property side.
  • Again, Endorsing or promoting any single business over others – I am against this. The City is looking at recommending to Citizens to use an Insurance company called USP Inc to cover Sewer line cleanouts and repairs. There was no mention of a deductable or a charge if called again in a certain time frame. Those details will come from the insurance company.
    I believe that we should not mention a specific company name as this would be endorsing or promoting a company. I believe that the City should just inform citizens that they should look at their home owners insurance coverage and make sure that they have Sewer line Repair coverage since citizens are (and always have been) responsible for their sewer line repair to their property line AND to clean out the clog all the way to the City Sewer Main.

02-04-2014:  ITEM 7. Consideration of an Ordinance Amending the Lewisville City Code, Chapter 16, Sections 16-99 and 16-100 Regarding Emergency Cleaning of Private Residential Sewer Service Lines and Procedures.
The City will cease any clearing of sewer line stoppages in residential private sewer lines effective March 1, 2013. The ordinance retains that maintenance of the private residential sewer lines is the responsibility of the owner, tenant or occupant, however removes language regarding City requirement to clear sewer line stoppages in the private sewer line from the house to the City sewer main.
That the City Council approve ordinance as set forth in the caption above.


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