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05-18-2009:  Council decides to use new logo. (Poll)

     I must admit, the last I heard about this logo was that is was for the Citizens and Visitors Bureau (CVB).  This was reiterated in the minutes for that Council Retreat in Fort Worth (see the 02-05-2009 entry).  I did not see in the minutes that  they talked about moving the logo to City wide.  I was informed that the announcement of the new brand launch was made in the April 2009 edition of the Horizon - a publication mailed to the residents of Lewisville.
     In the workshop meeting tonight, the presentation was about implementing the logo city wide (see pages, 4+, and 123+ of the extended agenda for 05-18-2009).  There are several versions of the logo...  This is not going to affect Fire and Police vehicles.  It was also mentioned that the water tower and the logo for the Lewisville Fighting Farmers was not going to be changed.

     In tonight's workshop, it was mentioned changing the logo city wide would be about $150K if implemented at one time.  It stated on page 116,  "Immediate implementation of a new brand and logo can be very costly, with some cities about the same size as Lewisville spending well over $150,000 for a full implementation.  In order to avoid those costs, the city will implement the new brand and logo gradually during the course of the next year or so, replacing items according to existing schedules as they are used up or worn out.  This should eliminate, or at least greatly minimize, any additional costs."

     I would assume that we are not going to replace all the City vehicles in the next year or so.  Therefore, they will be spending some money on changing logos.  I was thinking that this money would be spent whether it was all at once or over a period of a year or so.  I was the only citizen that got up and stated that I did not think the logo should be changed and that the money could have been spent somewhere else.  [I did not mention it but I was thinking $150k could be salaries for about three police officers for a year.]  I also mentioned that I did like the Purple Martin as our city bird since this is the area to which they migrate.  The City Manager reiterated that it would not cost anything extra because we are going to use everything with the old logo and then order new supplies as needed with the new logo.  I did not argue the point.

     Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to take a poll about your opinion on the new logo.  Do you like it?

Old Logo New Logo

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