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Lewisville Area Republican Meetings

The Lewisville, TX area has several republican group meetings that you can attend.  You can come visit all the meetings.  Though you do not have to join to come to the meetings, if you want to support any of the groups, then think about joining the group or groups that you want.  Some of these groups meet at a restaurant - come, order your meal, meet others, take a seat.  Some are not meal related.

Here is a list of area GOP clubs:

Abe Lincoln Teenage Republicans Club Haley Marshall 940.321.9922 abelincolntars@gmail.com
Denton County Republican Assembly Greg Hayden 214.288.6626 grayman@gte.net
Denton County Republican Men's Club Andy Eads 214.450.3184 andy@andyeads.com
Denton County Young Republicans Dan Jaworski 214.734.2821 dhjawor7@yahoo.com
Denton Republican Women's Club Deon Starnes 940.387.3679 neon_deon@verizon.net
Frisco Republican Men's Club Mike Gould 214.597.3668 mike@tuskcompany.com
Frisco Area Republican Women's Club Sheacy Thompson 972.731.6225 sheacy@sbcglobal.net
Legacy Republican Club Connie Hudson 972.625.5941 connie.hudson@juno.com
Lewisville Area Republican Club Avie Raburn 972.436.1842 araburn@texastopgun.com
Metrocrest Republican Club Jan Woody 972.243.5908 j-bwoody@sbcglobal.net
North Texas College Republicans Club Kyle Schroder 512.587.6563 kyleschroder@yahoo.com
Pachyderm Club of Denton County Cynthia Mitchell 469.446.4246 cynthia@cynthiamitchell.net
Robson Ranch Republican Club David Laschinger 940.262.2111 dlaschinger051@grandecom.net


Here’s a list of upcoming Candidate Forums – please try to attend the ones you can to support your favorite candidates! Also, please pass this along to all who may be interested in hearing from the candidates.

  • January 28th DC Rep. Women’s Club @ Courthouse on the Square 7pm (candidates 6:30pm) contact: Deon Starnes 940.387.3679 deon_neon@verizon.net

  • January 29th Trophy Club 7pm @ Lake Cities Church of Christ, 280 Indian Creek, Trophy Club contact: Neil Twomey 817.430.1809 neiltwomey@aol.com

  • February 6th Frisco Chamber Forum 6pm @ Frisco Chamber – contact: Tony Felker @ 972.335.9522

  • February 7th Men’s Club 7pm @ Lewisville Chamber – contact: Judge Jim Crouch @ 972-436-4216 jim.crouch@dentoncounty.com

  • February 9th LARC/Pachyderm Club 10am @ Lewisville Estates, 800 College Pkwy, Lewisville – contact: Kathy Carrington 817.994.5301 kathy.carrington@verizon.net

  • February 16th The Legacy Club @ 10am @ The Colony Comm. Ctr. 5151 N. Colony Blvd. in The Colony - contact: James DePiazza 214-536-9129 james.depiazza@dentoncounty.com

  • February 19th Robson Ranch Club House 7pm in the Lone Star Room – contact: David Laschinger 940.262.2111 dlaschinger051@grandecom.net

Here are three Lewisville area GOP clubs:

  • Denton County Republican Men's Club - Usually meets on the First Thursday at 7:00 PM.  Lewisville Chamber of Commerce building, 551 N. Valley Parkway
    • Meeting Dates, Time, Location:
      • 01-03-2008. Speaker:  Is a forum for the Candidates of the 393rd Judicial District Court
      • 02-07-2008:  Program: Candidate debate between County Commissioner Precinct #1 candidates Cynthia White and Hugh Coleman Come and bring a friend! Hope to see you all there Thursday evening.
  • Pachyderm Club - Meets at Lunch, Time: 11:30 AM, Location: Spring Creek BBQ, 571 E. Round Grove Road near the vista ridge mall.
    • Meeting Dates, Time, Location:
      • 01-09-2008
      • 02-06-2008


  • Lewisville Area Republican Club - Time: 11:30 AM, Location:  Landmark Grill, FM 407 & McGee Lane
    • Meeting Dates, Time, Location:
      • 01-25-2008, Speaker:  Dan Leal, Executive Director for the Children's Advocacy Center for Denton County.
      • 02-22-2008,
      • 03-28-2008,
      • 04-25-2008,
      • 05-23-2008,
      • Summer break
      • 09-26-2008,
      • 10-24-2008,
      • 11-21-2008,
      • 12-04-2008 Joint Christmas Party, Time & Location TBD
    • 2008 Club Officers:


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