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     Sometimes it is hard to call the offices of your representatives.  Sometimes it is important to write a letter and review it a few hours later so that you can be sure to say what you want.  Since the Postal Mail has to go through so many screenings in Washington, sending a FAX is the optimal way to go.  Sending a Fax is probably easier than you think - especially to your elected officials.  Faxes are a great way to get your message noticed.

     There are several ways to send a fax even if you do not have a fax machine.  If you are concerned about long distance charges, your representatives may have a local number to fax.  There are FREE online sites that can send a fax for you - some of them even write the letter for you too.


Sites that send free faxes for you:  Sign-up for free and update your profile.  Being honest about who you are will mean more than calling yourself something silly like "AngryVoter238".  Take a stand and let them know that you are a real voter and you are watching.


You can easily Fax using your computer. 
     Many people have a modem in their computer or laptop and all they really need to do is connect the phone to the computer.  If you do not have a modem, then you can easily install it yourself.  Once you have a working modem, then faxing is a simple as printing.  Create your letter in your word processor, then click File, then Print, then chose Fax.  This will start the wizard that will ask you for the names and phone numbers where you want the fax to go.


Now, find a topic that concerns you.  Write a letter to your elected officials and Fax it to them.


You can start by Finding the Fax Numbers of your Elected Officials.



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